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Koala Hoodie is available for purchase.

Clever Clothing

With over 15 Special Features
this ultra comfortable hoodie is subtle in style yet unbelievably useful.

Perfect for travels, festivals and any of life's adventures.

Neck Pillow
Eye Mask & In-Hood Cushioning
Phone charger pocket
(charger included)
Optional embroidery
Bottle opener zipper
Phone pocket
Passport pocket
Thumb holes
Pen pocket
Air vents
Secret pocket
Glasses pocket

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The Koala is our Power Animal

They are hardly ever distracted and are masters of the art of deep relaxation

Charge your phone on the go with your slim, high capacity portable charger.

Extra soft cushioning inside the hood.

Combine the cushioning with the in-built inflatable neck pillow and the sweetest of dreams will be yours.

The zipper of the hoodie is also a small, lightweight bottle opener - cheers!

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